Smart Home Solutions for Home Builders

Self-guided touring technology and smart home automation systems for builders and developers

Alloy SmartHome provides smart home technology solutions that will increase for-sale homes value and accelerate the sales cycle. Home builders can exceed their profit goals with an easier and more efficient way for home shoppers to physically tour homes.

The Value of Alloy SmartHome Technology

  • Increased Lead Volume

    Increase the interest in homes with larger lead volume. Self-guided tours and smart home solutions contribute to more exposure which allows builders to grow sales pipeline and drive revenue. Alloy SmartHome will increase visibility and access to model homes.

  • Increased Sales Absorption Rate

    Smart home technology provides a competitive advantage that will attract more potential buyers, leading to an accelerated sales process and an increase in sales pace each month. By investing in self-guided tours, builders can expect to see homes under contract faster.

  • Increased Sales Prices

    Smart home technology is in high-demand, as the real estate market becomes even more saturated, Alloy SmartHome will ensure your homes stand out with high-tech smart home technology built-in. Smart home technology provides an elevated living experience.

  • Reduced Costs

    Reduce your marketing and realtor costs with quicker closings using self-guided tours. To further the cost savings, builders can subscribe to supplier rebate programs and can create ancillary revenue opportunities with our ecosystem of smart home solutions.

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Image of Couple on Self-Guided Tour

Self-Guided Tours

Self-guided tours allow prospective buyers to tour a home at their own pace without a realtor present. Using our self-guided touring technology, prospective homebuyers can easily schedule their tour online or scan a custom QR code while in front of your model home. This provides immense value by increasing showing hours and availability to tour homes. Our self-guided tours solution is easy to use for buyers, easy to manage for your sales team and even easier to capture prospect data and follow up with potential buyers with CRM integrations.

  • • App free solution you can customize with branding & colors
  • • Built-in I.D. check for prospects
  • • Contactless access to the home
  • • Integrates with your CRM
  • • Custom alerts and notifications
Image of Couple on Self-Guided Tour

Smart Home Technology Solutions

Smart home technology is in high demand for today’s home buyers and an expected feature for new homes. Partnering with Alloy SmartHome means you can provide buyers with a plethora of smart home devices from different brands without burdening new home owners with downloading multiple apps to control their new smart home. We offer one unified app with the option to add branding for our home builder clients.

Our platform allows sellers to remotely control access, temperatures, lighting, blinds and more for model and inventory homes. You’ll gain visibility into for-sale homes status with monitoring and automatic alerts for any security, leaks or other issues that may arise.

Compatible Hardware & Integrations

We take great pride in our ability to offer hardware and software integrations that add value for builders and buyers equally.

We’re Here to Help

Alloy SmartHome support is here to assist homeowners with all of their smart home automation needs. Contact us for troubleshooting, device issues or questions about the app.

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